Mealtime Assistant


As an essential member of our healthcare team you will play an impactful role offering support, compassion and encouragement. When you help someone during mealtime, you play a role in helping them get better and contribute towards the prevention and treatment of malnutrition.
Training is required and provided for you.

The Mealtime Assistant volunteer should:

• Have good communication and interpersonal skills
• Make a regular commitment of time
• Be comfortable in a healthcare setting
• Be flexible, patient and willing to adapt to health care routines and procedures
• Be friendly and have a positive attitude
• Be able to keep confidentiality
• Be committed to work as a team member
• Have the ability to receive and follow direction of assigned duties and be supervised by
designated department staff
• Have a clear understanding of all aspects of feeding assistance (Mealtime Assistance
Training Manual)
• Enjoy working with others to enhance their quality of life
• Be observant, persuasive and tactful
• Be non-judgmental, tolerant, trustworthy, dependable and supportive
• Respect all individuals and provide assistance only as needed
• Be safety conscious at all times
• Be able to problem solve, and be open to new ideas
• Be open towards helping others in the spirit of volunteerism


Three Hills Health Center


Application to register can be completed at

or Contact Linda Krieger - Coordinator - Volunteer Resources for more information.

Time Commitment

Minimum of one meal per week.


AHS Three Hills Health Centre

Contact Email

Contact Name

Linda Krieger - Coordinator, Volunteer Resources