Town of Three Hills


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Economic Development Officer


From our humble beginnings as a village in 1912, the Town of Three Hills has a strong history of community hospitality, economic expansion, and convenient locality.

Three Hills has the security and quality of life of a small town with numerous big city amenities. Our downtown sector features excellent shopping and dining conveniences as well as several financial institutions and service necessities. With 7 parks and over 4 kms of walking trails, abundant green space can be found throughout the community. In addition, modern recreation facilities, dynamic arts organizations and numerous service groups, all lend well to our high quality of life.


"Three Hills is a supportive and inclusive community known for its exceptional quality of life. The community provides residents of all ages a range of housing options in attractive, safe and complete neighbourhoods with access to recreation, amenities, education, services and retail. Economic activities including development, business and industry are balanced with respect for the natural environment and existing character.”